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Reiki Class Schedule

Reiki Classes

            • No special background or credentials are needed to receive training.  However, Reiki must be learned from an experienced teacher or a Master; it cannot be self-taught. 
            • Training in traditional Reiki has three degrees (levels), each focusing on a different aspect of the practice.  Each degree includes one or more initiations (also called attunements or empowerments).  In first-degree training, students learn to apply Reiki on themselves and others.  In second-degree training, students learn to apply Reiki on others from a distance.  Some students seek master-level (third-degree) training.  A Reiki Master can teach and initiate students.  Becoming a Master can take years.

Reiki I Training

You can learn Reiki in a day.  Imagine yourself surrounded by infinite love, with all possibilities infinitely available to you.  We are in this space at all times. Reiki can help you fully real-ize this.

No prerequisite is needed.  Reiki Level I expands your energy field and enables you to apply Reiki to yourself and others.  You bring energetic balance to everything you touch.   Class content includes history and definition of Reiki, Reiki Principles, hand positions and session procedures for self and others, practice, meditation, and four initiation / empowerments.  Students also learn to transmit Reiki to distant targets.  Reiki may help you become aware of the sacred space of your own being. Reiki is independent of belief and is not a religion.  Many students report that the Reiki I empowerment / initiation is a deep spiritual experience.  Your own faith tradition may become even more meaningful to you.  The body undergoes a cleansing period of up to 21 days.  The work of healing begins with you.

Students receive a Level I Certificate and manual.

Level I classes are offered on the following Saturdays in 2017,  9am – 5pm.  Lunch is provided.

                        February 11                     July 8
                        March 11                         September 9
                        April 8                              October 14
                        May 13                            November 11
                                                                December 9

Class fee:  Donation based on sliding scale from $75-$350


Reiki II Classes

While Reiki I begins healing the individual at the physical level, the energies released in Level II begin treatment on the etheric level.  Reiki II provides the opportunity to become more consciously aware.  Through the use of special symbols, the student learns to send Reiki energy long distance.  Expansion of  intuition, wholeness, peace, harmony, and joy are but some of the benefits derived from advancing to the Reiki II level.  Students receive a Level II Certificate and manual.


  • Reiki I attunement and certification
  • Administer a minimum of 10 self-treatments
  • Administer a minimum of 6 treatments of others
  • Students are on the honor system

Class content

  • Ethics
  • Living the Reiki Principles
  • Level II Reiki symbols (3)
  • Methods of distance Reiki
  • Practice
  • Initiation/Empowerment
  • Meditation to Level II

Level II classes are offered on the following Saturdays in 2017, 9am-5pm.   

February 18                 July 15                               
April 15                        October 21

Lunch is provided.      Class fee:  Donation based on sliding scale from $75-$350


 Reiki Level III and Master levels are available upon completion of prerequisites.  
Prospective dates for REIKI III CLASSES  in 2017 are: 

                                                     March 18
                                                     May 20
                                                     September 16
                                                     November 18
Class fee:  Donation based on sliding scale of $100-$500 

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