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 Reiki is a powerful and effective way to achieve relaxation, well-being, stress relief, and self-transformation.                       
  • In the US, Reiki is part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)  
  • People use Reiki to promote overall health and well-being.  Reiki is also used by people who are seeking relief from disease-related symptoms and the side effects of conventional medical treatment
  • Reiki has historically been practiced as a form of self-care.  Increasingly, it is also provided by health care professionals in a variety of clinical settings
  • People do not need a special background to learn how to perform Reiki
  • It is easy to learn and safe to use. Reiki remains with you throughout your lifetime
  • It is available to anyone willing to learn certain simple skills and receive appropriate initiation(s).
  • Reiki cannot do harm. 
  • Reiki can be used as a spiritual practice
  • Scientific research is under way to learn more about how Reiki works, its possible effects on health, and conditions for which it may be helpful

REIKI is Not:

  • A substitute for medicine or medical treatment, but cooperates with and enhances conventional medical efforts.
  • Reiki is not a dogma, cult or belief system, mind control, hypnosis, channeling or psychic healing.
  • No equipment or particular state of mind, interpretive skill or special talent is needed to give Reiki.
  • It is not subject to human manipulation.
  • The giver of Reiki is only a vehicle, and never takes on negativity or symptoms from the receiver.
  • Reiki always works for the highest good of all.

A Reiki session is given by placing the hands on or above the receiver’s clothed body in 12 prescribed positions.  Each position is held for approximately five minutes. The resulting relaxation facilitates the person's own healing response. Careful attention to hand placement means that a standard Reiki session will cover the brain and nervous system, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems, and the major organs within the body. The entire body benefits from a Reiki session.  Like massage and other bodywork, regular visits to a practitioner will bring lasting benefit.

Reiki has a detoxifying effect that may cause temporary headache, diarrhea or sweats. As with certain acute injuries, clients might feel worse before feeling better, as the body undergoes cleansing and as healing begins. 

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) classifies Reiki as a form of energy medicine, and specifically a biofield therapy. 

                                                         It is said that:
                                                                                 Reiki is Love


Love is All There Is

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Website Disclaimer:

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.  Information provided on this website is designed to be educational in nature about Reiki, and is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.  You should consult with your health care practitioner when you find any medical condition existing. 

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